I'm constantly improving and upgrading my setup, so expect changes on this page in the future.

Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my current editor for almost everything.
  • As a theme for VS Code I am using Codesandbox theme by Nicolas Gryman.
  • The main font for VS Code is Dank Mono and Menlo for terminal.
  • Currently using VS Code's integrated terminal during coding, for everything else iTerm2 with Fish shell and OhMyFish.
  • You can see my settings (VS Code, iTerm2, Shell) on .dotfiles repository on Github.

Desktop apps

Browser extensions

Hosting & Co.

Workstation Setup

  • Apple MacBook Air 13' 2017
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2
  • BenQ 24" inch monitor
This page was inspired by WesBos and Kent C. Dodds.